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JB's Sports Jam is a sports podcast produced 2-3 times a week. Hosted by sports talk personality and enthusiast Jason Brown, this show is about ALL sports news and topics. A sports podcast where loyalty and passion combine to bring out the very best in sports news and interviews. That passion and loyalty being shared with the listeners and by the listeners is the highest priority. A sports show that grabs this passion, organizes it and provides it to everyone to experience in the highest quality possible. Your comments are always welcome along with all views and opinions! You can reach us via the JB's Sports Jam voice mailbox at 720-JAM-CHAT or email us at
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Mar 17, 2017

Cole Thompson from the joins us to discuss the winners and loser from the combine and some of the players he sees as moving up teams’ draft boards.  We discuss how the Cleveland Browns are using sabermetrics with their new chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta and how their moves this offseason will change the NFL from here on out.  Remember the movie Moneyball?  Can he incorporate sabermetrics into the NFL? Only time will tell, but I think he will get the Browns into the playoffs sooner than later with what he’s doing. We play the game Name The Ninny for a chance to win a new tumbler! We also take a quick look at the top free agency news from around the NFL.  Thanks so much for listening and thank you so much for downloading and I invite you to please subscribe and be sure to leave a review as we build a sports jam nation one show at a time!!   You can call us at 720 jam chat, that’s 720-526-2428.  You can also find us on twitter as well. Our twitter handle is @jbssportsjam and you can email me at and you can also find us on Facebook.

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