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JB's Sports Jam is a sports podcast produced 2-3 times a week. Hosted by sports talk personality and enthusiast Jason Brown, this show is about ALL sports news and topics. A sports podcast where loyalty and passion combine to bring out the very best in sports news and interviews. That passion and loyalty being shared with the listeners and by the listeners is the highest priority. A sports show that grabs this passion, organizes it and provides it to everyone to experience in the highest quality possible. Your comments are always welcome along with all views and opinions! You can reach us via the JB's Sports Jam voice mailbox at 720-JAM-CHAT or email us at
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Aug 9, 2017

We discuss the comments UCLA QB Josh Rosen made during an interview with the Bleacher Report.  A petition is out calling for a boycott of the NFL if Colin Kaepernick doesn’t play this year for the NFL.  Adam Gase decides to sign Jay Cutler to replace injured QB Ryan Tannehill.  Is Cutler really better than Kaepernick?  Does this solidify that Kaepernick doesn’t play in the NFL this year?  Tiger Woods avoids jail time in a plea deal for his DUI.  The worst list of the 50 greatest black athletes of all time.

May 16, 2017

If you’re looking for something good to watch, then don’t turn your TV to the NBA playoffs until the finals start.  The Washington Wizards left their bench scoring in Washington.  Pop goes off after losing starter Kawhi Leonard after he comes down on the foot of Zaza Pauchulia and compares the play to “manslaughter”.  You won’t believe who has the best shot at the number one pick for the NBA lottery.  Is Colin Kapernick being black balled, or is he just no good anymore and why is the NFL so concerned.  Eddie Lacy makes $55,000 just for stepping on a scale and the John Daly diet is revealed!

Apr 28, 2017

Cole Thompson form joins the show to go over the trades and selections of the first round in the NFL Draft.  We discuss the Browns first pick and the trade the Bears made with the Niners.  John Lynch gets the rookie GM of the year award.  Did Kansas City give too much for their selection?  Lonzo Ball gets turned down for what?? 

Apr 22, 2017

USA Today sports writer AJ Perez joins the show as we talk about the life of Aaron Hernandez behind bars and his death by suicide.  Serena Williams is pregnant, we think??  You won't believe what fans were hearing during a tennis match.  Tiger Woods has another back surgery, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy can’t come to grips with being 10-3 last year and LeBron James makes history again in the NBA playoffs.