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JB's Sports Jam is a sports podcast produced 2-3 times a week. Hosted by sports talk personality and enthusiast Jason Brown, this show is about ALL sports news and topics. A sports podcast where loyalty and passion combine to bring out the very best in sports news and interviews. That passion and loyalty being shared with the listeners and by the listeners is the highest priority. A sports show that grabs this passion, organizes it and provides it to everyone to experience in the highest quality possible. Your comments are always welcome along with all views and opinions! You can reach us via the JB's Sports Jam voice mailbox at 720-JAM-CHAT or email us at
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Sep 30, 2017

We breakdown what exactly is going on with the FBI investigation into the scandal with some college basketball programs from around the country as we already see Rick Pitino let go and Louisville is wasting no time filling his position as practice for college teams start in the next few days.  We answer what schools are involved and who is tied to the scandal.  We also talk about the dirty hit in the Thursday night game for the NFL.  Why is replay not used to review targeting calls for the NFL but is used for College?  More stupid NFL rules.  We also talk about a gift that Deshaun Watson gave to three ladies who work at NRG stadium.  Did you hear about the bet that Carson Wentz made while mic’d up for the game last week?  We’ll explain on the latest episode of JB’s Sports Jam!!

Sep 27, 2017

     It was a historic weekend around the NFL and our country as we saw NFL owners and players protest the national anthem after remarks made by President Trump on Friday.  We not only discuss the protest but recap the good and the bad of the games around the league.  Will the NFL finally get rid of the catch rule?  How is it that the ground can’t cause a fumble, but players must hang on to the ball and have a continuation of the catch?  Makes no sense, right?  We also take a look at Carmello being traded to the Thunder and the Bulls buyout Dwayne Wades contract. 



Sep 22, 2017

     Today’s show we talk about the Thursday night game between the Niners and the Rams.  Are the Rams to be taken seriously?  Are the Niners on the right path?  We also take a look at the Chargers who can’t even sell out a 27,000-seat soccer stadium.  Is the owner in for a big surprise? We take a look at some news around the sports world with quick hits.  We will discuss the lawsuit that was filed on behalf of the Hernandez family after finding the Aaron Hernandez had stage 3 CTE.  We also look at the long overdue need for extending safety netting in the MLB after a horrific scene involving a 9-year-old girl at Yankee Stadium. 

Sep 8, 2017

Football is here!!  We breakdown and recap the first NFL game of the year between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs.  We discuss what troubles the Patriots have on both sides of the ball as well as the Chiefs losing safety Eric Berry for the season.  Alex Smith looks sharp and we talk about why he looked so good last night.  We also talk about what bets to take this week in both the NFL and in college football.  I let you know what games you must see in week 2 of the college football schedule.  A fan sends a racist letter to the home of Texas A&M head Coach Kevin Sumlin.