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JB's Sports Jam is a sports podcast produced 2-3 times a week. Hosted by sports talk personality and enthusiast Jason Brown, this show is about ALL sports news and topics. A sports podcast where loyalty and passion combine to bring out the very best in sports news and interviews. That passion and loyalty being shared with the listeners and by the listeners is the highest priority. A sports show that grabs this passion, organizes it and provides it to everyone to experience in the highest quality possible. Your comments are always welcome along with all views and opinions! You can reach us via the JB's Sports Jam voice mailbox at 720-JAM-CHAT or email us at
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Apr 28, 2017

Cole Thompson form joins the show to go over the trades and selections of the first round in the NFL Draft.  We discuss the Browns first pick and the trade the Bears made with the Niners.  John Lynch gets the rookie GM of the year award.  Did Kansas City give too much for their selection?  Lonzo Ball gets turned down for what?? 

Apr 27, 2017

The NFL draft gets underway this week and who goes #1?  Are the Browns serious about taking Trubisky with the first pick or will it be Myles Garrett?  We talk about what the Browns should do.  We also discuss the smoke screen that the 49ers are putting up and what I think they are really trying to do.  Peppers and Foster both give diluted samples during their drug test during the combine.  Why can’t the college players just put the weed down, at least until after the combine?  Joe Johnson is the big name in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.  Steve Kerr takes leave again.  We look at the 2nd round matchup for the NHL playoffs.

Apr 22, 2017

USA Today sports writer AJ Perez joins the show as we talk about the life of Aaron Hernandez behind bars and his death by suicide.  Serena Williams is pregnant, we think??  You won't believe what fans were hearing during a tennis match.  Tiger Woods has another back surgery, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy can’t come to grips with being 10-3 last year and LeBron James makes history again in the NBA playoffs.

Apr 18, 2017

     Emails released in court documents show that Eli Manning asked an equipment manager to provide two helmets that he could pass as actual game used memorabilia.  Manning has a deal with Steiner Sports to provide the company with memorabilia.  Only problem is that it appears that this was either game issued or authentic equipment and not game used.  In what was long overdue, the NCAA finally makes their way to finalizing an early signing period in college football as well as putting an end to satellite camps such as the camps that Jim Harbaugh was participating in.  The way these camps worked is that coaches could be invited as guest to camps hosted by other institutions.  The “heart” warming story of MLB legend Rod Carew as he receives the gift of life from a former NFL player.